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You are unique, your challenges are unique, your goals are unique and so my approach is unique. Once the basic financial planning is in place, we can tackle any goal, any crisis, any objective together. 


With over 30 years experience and all but two of those as an Expatriate, I am sure I am able to help you solve almost all challenges you are facing. If I can't, I will know somebody that can. One thing I know for sure, we need to do this together. 


As an Independent Financial Adviser, it is imperative that I have the very best support, administration and compliance in the market. Providing all that and more is Holborn Assets Ltd, the worlds largest Independent Financial Advisers. 


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What do I do

I am Passionate about Protecting your FamilySecuring your futureProtecting your Estate

Having been advising expatriates for over 30 years I have come to specialise in and focus on what's important. Protecting you and your family, protecting your assets and protecting your legacy. My team and I have one goal, to put the right money, in the right hands at the right time. 

"Financial Advice in Black & White - with no Grey Areas"


David d'Arcy - Practice Principal

About Me

Having been in this industry for over 30 years now I have come to specialise on whats important. Solid Financial Advice based on protecting you and your family, protecting your assets and protecting your legacy. No sales angles, no tricks, no get rich quick schemes, just Financial Advice in Black & White. See my timeline by clisking the link below.

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My Clients & Customers

After this many years in the Arabian Gulf my clients have now spread around the world. Some still working, some retired but all still take their financial planning very seriously which is a key to the repationship between us. Customers are those that require a simple one off service such as LIfe Insurance or a Company Formation. We solve an issue and there is no real further relationship.

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My Business

I try to keep my business as nimble as possible, in other words small. I like being able to react to changes in the market place, regulation and economy instantly, without board meetings or a consensus of opinions. Also I choose which institutions, service provides and fund I use for my clients and, I would never recommend a fund that I dont have my own money invested in.

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The Basics

The simple things may seem mundane and boring but they are generally the cornerstone of everything we do. If ignored or overlooked, eventually they may be the undoing of everything you have tried to achieve. 


What other help is available?

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Years Experience
Years in the Arabian Gulf
Client Retention

Financial Advice in Black & White - With no Gray areas

"No gray areas".
What does that mean?

Honest and open discussions about your current situation.
Genuine solutions from me with no sales angles.
Full disclosure of all the costs and charges.
Genuine reviews to keep us "both" on track.
Ultimately it means you can be confident you have .

News &

The news and updates written here are my own opinion unless specifically mentioned they are not the views or opinion of any partners company or agency. 

We are ready! Lets work

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