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I am Passionate aboutProtecting your FamilySecuring your futureProtecting your Estate

Having been in this industry for over 30 years now I have come to specialise on whats important. Solid Financial Advice based on protecting you and your family, protecting your assets and protecting your legacy. No sales angles, no tricks, no get rich quick, just Financial Advice in Black & White.

"My team and I have one goal, to Put the Right Money, in the Right Hands, at the Right Time."


David d'Arcy - Practice Principal

about us


Tailoring strategies
Protecting your future.

Implementing a personalised investment strategy allows you to tailor the risk and take advantage of the future whilst protecting yourself and your family. 



Discuss your current situation, your goals, define your risk tolerance and identify possible threats.


Protecting your assets for the future and avoiding unnecessary taxation or other demands.


Design and implement the investment strategy with your goals, timescales and risk tolerance accounted for.


Constant review of your assets, your current and future situation, any threats and potential opportunities.

My planning

Initial meeting - No obligation - No fee

First meeting to discuss your needs, wants and goals for the future. If possible I may conduct a "fact-find document" to get a full understanding of your current situation but ultimately we talk and I take notes. 

Initial meeting - No obligation - No fee

Second meeting to continue where we
left off or, to discuss the first steps..

If the first meeting went well we would meet to discuss the initial stages of your planning. Normally protection but generally this would be an overview meeting. Showing you what I think you need to do overall and we either agree or make changes. 

Third meeting to present
my recommendations.

This is where I generally give you my initial recommendation and potentially an overall plan that includes how to achieve all of your objectives. I present it, we discuss it and we agree a route forward. 

Third meeting to present
my recommendations.

Move forward - this is where we make
applications, complete paperwork
and start the process.

Now we have agreed a route, this is where the real work begins. Paperwork, form filling and sending on to the relevant institutions. Some forms are electronic, others are not but experience counts and I can make it as painless as possible. 

Administration and completion.

Administration of the applications is generally for my team, however, you may be required to attend medicals, or maybe there will be "anti-money laundering" requirements to complete. I will guide you through any administration required hand in hand.  

Administration and completion.

Document delivery - further
recommendations or applications.

At this point we would meet to deliver your official documents or implement other recommendations and paperwork. I will make recommendations on how to store and secure your documents and make sure that your family or legal representatives have access should anything happen to you. 

Reviews and consolidation.

Once all recommendations have been implemented or a timeline agreed we start a constant program of reviews. Annual or quarterly a review would include statement delivery and explination but also a "catch-up". Are we still on track, how is the budget, are any changes on the horizon? 

Reviews and consolidation.

Reviews, contact
staying in touch.

Moving forward we would review and discuss your situation constantly. Knowing that I am available is a comfort to many of my clients and I endeavor to answer the phone 7 days a week. But it is also a comfort to me knowing that my clients "want" to include me in decisions or discussions about their future. 

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