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Why do I have only 50 clients?
Apr 18

Why do I have only 50 clients?

One question I am asked repeatedly is "why do you have less than 50 clients?" And, "why would you advertise that fact?" Well, it's pretty simple really, there are roughly 250 working days in the average year. Take out days for summer and winter vacations, the odd sick day and there are only really around 210 days left.

If I were to see each client at least twice a year and those meetings require at least half a day each to prepare, then leaving just 60 days per year to deal with paperwork, marketing, reviews, licensing, accounting, attending workshops, networking, paperwork (did I mention paperwork already?) and of course, more paperwork. 

There are also different types of clients. There are some that come to me for a simple product like Life Insurance or a Trust to protect an inheritance. These I consider to be Customers, they require one simple solution and nothing else, no reviews, no statements, no further input from me. These 'Customers' are not included in the magic 50. The 50 are made up of people who require ongoing advice and could be anybody like you or me. They may be a young married couple starting a family, someone seeking to resolve some longer-term issues like retirement or education planning, or somebody looking to improve the returns on their savings, investments, retirement portfolio, etc. These I would consider 'Clients' and they require more time and attention and rightly so. 

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